Landscaping Services in Madison, WI

Design and Consultation

New Home • Business • Renovations

The professional staff at Glacier Landscape, Inc. is dedicated to producing creative and functional landscapes that are appropriate for your lifestyle and budget.

We work closely with you to exceed your goals and expectations. With sensitivity and direction provided by our experienced design team, each project is an individual effort unique to each client’s exclusive site, architecture, and personal use.

Glacier Landscape, Inc. combines expert project management with the exceptional knowledge of in-house landscape craftsmen, resulting in commercial landscaping or a landscape garden space that becomes a part of your quality of life, providing pleasure for years to come.

Patios, Walks, and Driveways

Concrete/Clay Pavers | Natural Flagstone Surfaces | Roof-Top Systems

Whether you have an area of complex or flat terrain, Glacier Landscape has experience with hundreds of landscaping installations that incorporate hardscape elements, such as natural stone, brick, or architecture, that can add beauty and investment value to any landscape design.

Our professional design experts may propose landscaping with rocks or pavers to create a winding path or stairs that brings visitors to a secluded spot or patio. Or, we might finish a hillside to more easily transition to a landscape garden.

Glacier Landscape brings architectural elements, such as trellises and arbors, into our design for interest, dimension, and privacy. These items help in tying the architecture of your home or business into its outdoor surroundings, making it a warm and inviting area.

Outdoor Living Spaces and Kitchens

Fire Pits | Grills | Lighting | Seating

Surely, you have heard the phrase “bringing the outdoors in,” but have you considered bringing the indoors out? Glacier Landscape’s custom-designed outdoor living spaces and kitchens allow you to take advantage of your home’s natural settings while enjoying a level of comfort akin to your favorite indoor space.

Our design experts create functional spaces using elements such as arbors, grills, lighting, seating areas, and wood and gas burning fire pits. Our approach ensures that the design is integrated to fit within the context of your home. Each feature is built to meet your specific needs and usage desires.

Retaining Walls

Natural and Manufactured | Wall and Step Systems

Retaining walls can bring both form and function to your landscaping by transforming unusable and unserviceable areas into eye-appealing spaces. How your site is contoured (shaped) can allow for functional or aesthetic wall design, aiding in bringing your site to life. By reclaiming these areas, it may allow for a patio, play area, gardens, or simply more lawn.

Environmental benefits include reducing water run-off, improving soil stabilization, and decreasing soil erosion. Safety, serviceability, and accessibility to remote or isolated parts of your property are also excellent reasons to consider retaining walls that will genuinely add value to your property.


Trees | Shrubs | Evergreens | Perennials Bulbs | Annuals | spring bulbs

Glacier Landscapes’ experienced design staff will help you weed through the many, many possibilities in plantings to find the combination that’s right for you and your landscape. Whether your goal is to add privacy or simply create an eye-catching landscape, we will propose the best mix and location of plants, trees, and shrubs to meet your landscape design needs.

As part of your plan, we will incorporate the optimal soil preparation, the finest quality of nursery stock, proper placement of planting for our climate, and the direction of the sun and other weather elements.