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Healthy landscaping from Glacier Landscape truly helps to beautify your home or commercial property. To ensure your landscape design looks as hearty as it can be and is environmentally friendly, you should install automatic sprinkling or irrigation systems throughout your landscape. We will design an affordable, high-quality system that meets your specific needs.

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Ponds & Fountains

Natural and Architectural Ponds/Fountains

Would you like your landscape to create a better sense of well-being and relaxation? How about a safe and educational resource for your family? Glacier Landscape can help by installing a pond or fountain in your landscape garden area.

Your water feature could be dramatic or straightforward, employing sound and movement. This can create year-round interest for family and friends to enjoy this ever-changing landscape element from tadpoles in the spring, to full-grown frogs in the late summer. From ponds to fountains, let Glacier Landscape incorporate this beautiful addition into your landscape design.

Ask us about water/rain gardens that can transform your landscape into a small nature preserve. Providing water supply to native trees, plants, and wildlife, they can genuinely bring your landscape to life.

Glacier Landscape, Inc


Exterior lighting helps to showcase the landscape of your home or business. With path lighting, up/down light, backlighting, or even underwater lighting, Glacier Landscape can help to create just the right ambiance you want to highlight the beauty of your landscaping during the evening.

Architectural lighting also encourages safety and security and extends the hours of outdoor activity for your family and friends.